KC Raqs 2017

Greetings all!

I haven’t made an actual post to this page in a long time, mostly I’ve just updated the class schedule and raced through my crazy dancer life.  I feel like my recent event warrants an actual post, though.

KC Raqs! 2017 was a great success!  Jenna is a great instructor and was wonderful to work with in a workshop setting.  I highly recommend her to any workshop producers.  I am eternally grateful to my many helpers throughout the day.  The Kansas City Belly Dance Community is truly amazing and I appreciate the support.  I am pleased with the turn-out, and I learned lots of fantastic lessons as an event producer.  I will put that new knowledge into play next year for KC Raqs 2018!

As of right now, contracts have not been signed, so I am waiting for the big announcement.  I do have someone in mind and we are working out the details.  Stay tuned for more information on your friendly neighborhood dance workshop!


Feminine Form Summer News


Happy Summer, everyone!

I have a busy and exciting summer planned, and here are a few of the announcements that I’d like to share with you.

I am elated to participate in the following workshops and festivals this summer:

  • Heart of America Belly Dance Festival, Kansas City, June 24th through 26th http://heartofamericabellydance.com/
  • Shimmyfest in Fayetteville, AR, July 15th through 16th http://shimmyfest.com/wordpress/
  • LA Legends of Belly Dance, Los Angeles, August 1st through 5th http://www.dancegardenla.com/la_legends.html
  • Yaa Halla, Ya’ll, Dallas, August 18th through 21st http://www.isisandthestardancers.com/yhy16.html

The calendar has been updated through September.  All class cancellations and performances are listed, including the times and dates of Fringe Festival!!! Please note the following changes:

  • I am adding an Intermediate Technique class on Wednesdays at 7:30.  This class will be ongoing depending on the attendance in July, and the studio schedule in August.
  • Open and closed classes:  Classes highlighted in green are available for drop-ins without my prior approval; *however* it is highly recommended that anyone that comes to the new Wednesday class has either attended my Monday Beginner’s class or has at least 1-2 years of belly dance experience.  Those classes highlighted in orange are CLOSED.  This means that these classes are by invitation only.  The Sunday class is my performance group, and is only open when we start new choreographies.  This is to ensure that we make progress on choreographies rather than me reteaching every week.  The later Monday class is advanced.  Remember, you are placed in the level that will help you grow the most.  Jumping past your ability level will only frustrate you, and I have to continue challenging the other students.

Upcoming events that are past the calendar dates include:

  • Two intensives (one in October and one in November) that cover technique and combos from my summer of learning
  • Haflaween is my annual student showcase and party, and will be held on Saturday, October 29th at the Matt Ross Community Center
  • In January of next year, I’ll do another monthly choreography intensive!

Well, that is all for now!  I’m looking forward to a great summer of dance.

A Summer of Dance


My dance in the style of Soheir Zaki, Fringe Fest, July 2015.

Wow!  I cannot believe that August is nearly here.  This has been an amazing summer of dance performances, teaching, and learning.  By the end of August, I will have performed in fourteen shows in three different states…since May.  I have met some wonderful dancers and learned from inspirational instructors.

I am so proud of my students for getting performances under their hip scarves for the first time this spring/summer.  They are very talented and fun ladies, and I love getting to hang out and dance with them!  Big thanks to Siham Ali, Theresa, and Anca for giving us the opportunities to perform at your events!


Cerise (left), Susan (right), and myself at Siham’s annual picnic.


Jenny (gold veil), Ashley (black veil), and myself at the 1001 Arabian Nights student show, June 2015.

I had a great time dancing in shows at workshops and at the Fringe Festival, so another big thank you to the organizers of these events and the invitations to perform.  In April, I got to dance at the Shadia Dahlal workshop in Salina, KS.  I performed in Wichita at the Sahra Saeeda workshop in June, and again at Shimmyfest with Kata Maya in Springdale, AR in July.


Rahil performance at Sahra Saeeda workshop in Wichita, KS, June 2015.

While I don’t anticipate the fall being as busy as the summer (since I have to go back to my actual job), there are still a lot of fun events, performances, classes, and workshops coming up.  See my calendar for more details!


Rahil solo at the 1001 Arabian Nights student show, June 2015.

Summer Session of Introduction to Belly Dance–Dates Announced!

Green April 2015 5

Belly dance is an ageless art of feminine beauty.  All women come together to add their strengths to this dance form and grow stronger from it.  Through belly dance, we tone our bodies, challenge our minds, and build new friendships that last a lifetime.

This session is designed specifically to get new dancers comfortable in the basic posture and then start dancing.  We drill all of the most basic movements and begin training our bodies to isolate muscle groups. We also begin working on travel steps that are the foundation of Oriental Dance.  Over the course of four weeks, we review earlier movements and add more difficult ones to our repertoire.  At the end of the session, students are welcomed to join the beginner’s belly dance classes that meet weekly and continue the journey of belly dance.

This session will be offered on Sunday afternoons for those people who have had scheduling difficulties in the past, but we must have four people signed up in order to go ahead with the session.  The summer session starts on July 5th and ends August 2nd.  Classes are held at the Seeking Solace Yoga Studio in Overland Park, KS.  Classes will be at 4:00 pm and last for one hour.

Email Rahil to sign up:  rahil.dances@gmail.com

Layering Intensive

May will be another big month for belly dance!  On the last Saturday of the month (May 30th), I will be offering a layering intensive/mini-workshop.  This will be held at the Seeking Solace Yoga Studio in Overland Park, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.  Cost is $25.

If you are a beginner who is comfortable with basic isolations or an intermediate who feels like you are at a plateau, this is a great workshop for you!  Various movements will be addressed, starting with drills, then adding layers of the arms, then travel steps, then shimmies of various types.

Contact me to sign up today!  rahil.dances@gmail.com

April Announcements!

I have a busy month ahead!

April 1st, my spring Intro to Belly Dance session begins, running on Wednesdays at 7:30 through April 22nd.  Cost for the whole session is $40…tell your friends!

April 4th–I perform at 1001 Arabian Nights at the Uptown Arts Bar.  Photos and videos will follow, I’m sure.

April 11th–I travel to Salina, KS to take a workshop and perform in a show.

Sunday and Monday classes will continue as usual, with Sunday students continuing work on Egyptic.  Monday beginners will transition to travel steps and simple combos, and Monday intermediates will continue with the drum solo.

Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope to see you very very soon!

Spring Has Sprung!

A few announcements for this spring:

First of all, a reminder that there will be NO CLASS ON MARCH 15TH OR 15TH!!!  I will be on vacation.

I will be performing at the 1001 Arabian Nights Show on April 4th (that’s a Saturday) at 7:00 pm.  This is a fun show in an intimate setting, and a great chance to see some wonderful dancers from around the KC area.

I will also be performing at the workshop that is coming up in Salina, KS, April 11th.  So excited to dance with these wonderful ladies for the second time!

There will be many more dance opportunities coming up as spring turns to summer.  I hope to see you all soon!